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A little while since I’ve posted on here the main reason - GTA IV! Since last writing I’ve finished my placement and I’m currently enjoying my summer spliting my time between the 360 and 3ds max! The 360 is winning at the moment so I thought I’d share a set of links I’ve found to be incredibly useful in gaining 100% completion. I’m at 90.08% currently with just a few side missions and the stunt jumps and pidgeon hunts left. Beware of spoilers at the sites mentioned below, personally I waited before playing through the missions before hitting the guides but thats up to you!

  • IGN Interactive Map -A really good map based on the Google Maps engine and kept up to date by a big community. It shows nearly everything you need to find in GTA IV
  • IGN GTA IV Wiki - This Wiki by IGN is the most detailed and well written source of knowledge regarding GTA IV. Kept up to date by the community, it has a comprehensive set of content including: maps, cheats, easter eggs & secrets, mission guides and more!
  • GTA IV Vehicle Info - This was the most comprehensive list of all the vehicles in Liberty City I could find. It lists specifications such as top speed, acceleration, no of gears, weight, drivetrain etc.
  • Pidgeon Guide - The best guide to finding all the pigeons I’ve found so far. It includes a fully numbered system including a picture and description for each pigeon location, essential for finding them quickly!

- Hope they help someone…

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